Tools for Captions

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Adobe Express Video Captioning (it’s free!)

Quickly generate captions for any video with the Adobe Express online editor. No experience necessary. You can also edit your video captions if needed, then choose a font style to add to your new video. Last but not least you can download your new video with captions as an MP4 file or keep editing in Adobe Express.

captionsapp logo is available on iOS, web, Mac, and Android. One of the easiest and most versatile captioning tools we found on the market today. offers resizing options (landscape, portrait, or square), and it even automatically adds emojis to your videos. You can try it out using the free trial, and it’s $9.99/month after that.



Submagic makes your short-form videos more captivating with captions, b-rolls, zooms and sound effects. Specifically you will get auto-accurate captions, magic b-rolls and transitions, auto sound effects, trendy templates and emojis, magic auto-zooms, and even auto-descriptions and #hashtags. Free for 3 videos/month with watermark, or 20 videos/month for $20/month.


VEED (Video Caption Generator)

Instantly generate captions for your videos and reach a global audience! Automatic video captioning software. It’s free for up to 30 minutes per month (expert with watermark). To remove the watermark and access more features, it’s $25/month.