Simple Pricing

We can process single or multiple sources of content!

First One


Try us for free! Send us a video or audio file, up to 1 hour of webinar or podcast

Single Source


One video or audio file, up to 1 hour of webinar or podcast content

Batch of 50


50 video or audio files, podcasts, webinars or YouTube episodes (each file up to 1 hour in length). You can purchase and use this package even if you don’t have all the assets yet. We will help you keep track of them.

We use Wave to collect payments. You will see “PodIntelligence” as the line item on your billing statement.

What happens after you pay for a single or batch processing?

You can simply send us an email ([email protected]) with a link to your content – YouTube link, Google Drive or DropBox will all work. We will begin processing right away. Thank you!

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Secure Login

You get a dedicated web login to access all your clips in one place.

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Expert Support

Our expert team will send you a customized walkthrough and answer any questions.

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Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards and provide invoices and receipts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question?

Take a look at the FAQs below. If you can’t find your answer, please email podintelligence (at) gmail (dot) com

Yes, the processing is the same for us whether it’s a webinar or podcast. You can also submit a combination of video and audio files. Inside our PodIntelligence clip browser, you can easily filter on media types, such as audio-only, video-only, or audio and video.

You will receive about 30 clips. The exact number varies based on the content.

Please don’t send us any content with profanity, because our AI system rejects those files. Thank you!

Yes. Our AI engine can handle multiple languages. However, we will not be able to apply human verification based on the output.

No. Your audio and video files can vary in length. Most of our clients submit files that are between 20 mins to an hour.  If they are slightly over an hour (by 10-15 mins), we won’t charge extra. However, if they are two hours or more, then they will be multiplied by the single-episode cost.

Our expert team is here to support you and answer any questions. We also have tutorials in the form of blogs and videos ready for you to access.

When you purchase a single processing ($50), we will share a recording to walk you through your PodIntelligence clip browser.

When you purchase batch processing ($2000), we will include two one-hour training sessions for you and your team. The training can be recorded for internal reference later as well.

No, PodIntelligence does not have a video editing tool.

Our focus is on the quality of the output so you don’t have to edit or trim the content as much as some of the other micro-content tools.

With that said, if you choose to edit the output from PodIntelligence, you can do so with a variety of powerful and affordable micro-content editors such as Canva, Capcut, Fimora, Descript, VEED.io, and Reel among other more traditional editing tools such as Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc. You might find this article helpful.

We have tested PodIntelligence among dozens of businesses and find our algorithm quite universal in adapting to different business needs. With that said, if you choose to have longer clips, or clip boundaries based on your content and requirements, we can have that conversation and see what we can do. Due to the development complexity of this type of request, we can only apply certain customization for our Batch processing clients, and not Single processing.