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PodIntelligence is a game changer, we’d be lost without it.

Results after using PodIntelligence?

webinar sign-up doubled within the first 3 months, and up to 10x after 2 years
revenue increased by 20%-40% with webinar and content repurposing

Michael leckie (author, speaker)

Q&As are extracted automatically from raw recordings. Editing is now optional before publishing!

“Mark Bowden and I started a #careerAMA video series. We would hop on Riverside to record for an hour, send the recording to PodIntelligence then it automatically extracts all our Q&As into their own videos alongside transcriptions for both the questions and the answers. From there, editing is optional! Sometimes we choose to add a nametag in the lower third and chop off a few seconds at the beginning of the videos (chitchat, transitions), and off we go! The work needed before uploading them to social and YouTube takes less than one hour instead of days!”

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Results after using PodIntelligence?

120,000 (688%) increase in impressions on Linkedin
1806 (681%) increase in engagements on Linkedin
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Allison Cheston (Career advisor)

PodIntelligence repurposed my course content into video clips – one took off on Instagram with 100K+ views

“When I finally launched my first course, I didn’t and still don’t have a big social media following. But with PodIntelligence, I was able to process parts of my course content into keyword-driven clips (over 50 of them from just one hour of recording). As a result, I was able to test out many types of videos on my Instagram as reels and audiograms. I had a little over 100 followers at the time and one of my reels took off and was seen over 110K times! Some other clips had views in the thousands. For months, I continued to receive leads from Instagram inquiring about my course and consulting services.”

Filip Fucic (pricing consultant)

PodIntelligence is my ideation and writing companion, and it helps me batch-create months of content.

“Unlike most creators and companies who enjoy using PodIntelligence (PI) to create Q&As and micro-content for social media, I like PI best when it comes to ideation, writing, and batch-content creation. As a podcast host and pricing consultant, I often find content nuggets and gems when I’m speaking with a guest. PI helps distill and extract clips when I’m speaking, which I can easily turn into YouTube Shorts, a LinkedIn post, and a blog post. As someone who creates content regularly, PI gives me the superpower to batch-create content with ease and cross-reference any topic and keyword I’ve spoken about in the past. I’d recommend it to any creator and small business owner who struggles to multipurpose their long-form videos and webinars.”

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Filip shows us how he uses PodIntelligence

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