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How To Repurpose Old Podcast Episodes to Get New Listeners

Think of all the time and money you’ve spent creating your back catalog of podcast episodes.  Booking guests, preparing for interviews, interviewing, and editing.  When it’s all done you post your episode, promote it and do it all again.

Your listeners value your content and appreciate your work.  But over time, some may wander off.

What about new listeners?  How do you attract new listeners to your podcast without spending additional time and effort?

Other than the name of a famous guest or a loud thumbnail image, in a few seconds, how do you prove to someone browsing Facebook or YouTube that your episode has what they need?

What your listeners need… What you need… With almost no effort.

The team who designed and developed PodIntelligence ( have been podcasting, live-streaming and hosting webinars for 8 years.  We’ve gone through what you’re going through.  We know what your listeners need, what you need, and that you don’t have time or energy to focus on a new marketing project.

Here’s how it works with PodIntelligence

You give us one year of your back catalog, up to 50 one-hour episodes of your podcast, YouTube videos or webinar recordings.  Just drop it off via Dropbox or Google Drive.

We also have a service for single episodes, if you’d prefer to test out the service and prove that it can work for you.

We give you back an easy-to-navigate web login that contains all the micro-content from your content, to solve this problem of attracting and retaining subscribers.

1) Social media assets you can use right away, for 10 of your 52 episodes.

With the additional documents (described in #2 below), you can continue to create social media assets on your own.  Or if you prefer you can order additional assets from us.

Here are the social media assets you get:

  • 20 quote cards
  • 10 audiograms (1 min or less)
  • 10 videos in vertical or landscape orientation (1 min or less)

Our AI-based system chooses these quotes and clips based on the most meaningful keywords extracted from your content.

2) AI-generated, in-depth analysis of your content, which makes it literally 10x faster for you or your virtual assistants to find the key takeaways from your content.

Keywords filter

For each episode, PodIntelligence can identify an average of 30 keywords for that episode.

For each keyword (which is identified by meaning, not just by exact word matches), the spreadsheet shows you the exact place in the episode where the key concept is mentioned.

  • Start time
  • End time
  • Text of the conversation

Video Clips

If you provide us with video content, PodIntelligence web you with video clips, which exactly match the clips in the Keywords filter.  You can use these to create marketing assets, course content or whatever works for you.

Audio clips

PodIntelligence web also provides all of the audio clips, which exactly match the clips in the Keywords in the filter. You can use these audio clips to create audiograms to advertise the episode.


We provide a text transcript of the contents of the episode, as well as a transcript specific to the video and audio clips.  Good for extracting quotes for blog posts.

Questions and Answers

We automatically parse out questions and answers from your content.

For each Q&A, we provide

  1. Text of the question and answer.
  2. Start and end time of Q&A in the episode.
  3. Audio clip of the Q&A.
  4. Video clip of the Q&A (if the video was provided to us)

Will PodIntelligence work for you?

While we all share similar goals and challenges, everyone’s situation and standards are different.  We hope PodIntelligence can turn the nagging question of how to monetize your backlog into a solved problem.

But there is no way to really know until you’ve proven it for yourself.

So, as our available time and resources allow, we’d like to offer you the chance to send us a single video or audio episode, up to one hour in length, and we’ll send you back all the items listed in #2 above (audio and video clips, keywords spreadsheet, word cloud, etc.).

For paid customers, we send custom social media assets (audiograms, videograms, etc).  We can’t include these in the free offer, as we pay to have them custom created for us.

If you have a specific question about PodIntelligence or you want to know more, please contact us here.

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