Reel X PodIntelligence for Audiograms

What is Reel?

Reel will automatically transcribe your audio and add animated captions to your videos. Engagement. Create a snippet introducing your guest or highlight a segment to promote it across your social media platforms, from Twitter to Instagram and Facebook.

Why use Reel with PodIntelligence?

Instead of processing your longer audios and videos and then determining snippets with start and end timestamps, PodIntelligence helps analyze your content at any length, and automatically slice them into clips you can use right away on social media, or if you want, import them into Reel and generated captioned videos or audiograms.

These clips aren’t random. They are organized by keywords, locations, brands, and people using artificial intelligence. It’s like having a team of virtual assistants and content writers help you analyze and present the content back to you in meaningful and helpful ways, and significantly reduce production time.

How to create audiograms using Reel and PodIntelligence?

Our honest opinions on the pros and cons.


  • Reel has a free version and reasonable pricing for their upgraded versions
  • The free version also offers custom design and plenty of templates to choose from


  • The edit feature isn’t easy to use on its own if you don’t have clear start and end timestamps for the clips you want (PodIntelligence makes that a lot easier) – in comparison, Descript definitely wins with the ability to edit the clips using the transcript.

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