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How To Use PodIntelligence With Content At Scale To Create Epic SEO Content (2023)

Little did we know that you can create epic SEO-optimized content combining PodIntelligence with Content At Scale, with a single click! PodIntelligence (PI) is AI-powered, human-verified software that generates micro-content directly from business webinars and podcasts. Unlike other AI content creators, PI gives you (the creator) more power to find exactly what you are looking for, including a free-text search to find clips associated with keywords and phrases.

What is Content at Scale? (CAS)

Content at Scale (CAS) cuts content production time and costs by 10x with a high-quality SEO content writer, built to meet Google’s EEAT requirements. It also generates research-backed long-form posts in minutes from a keyword, YouTube URL, podcast, existing blog, or custom audio file.

How do PI and CAS work together?

Because PodIntelligence can generate keyword-driven video and audio clips from podcasts and webinars, creators can easily find segments that target specific topics, upload them to YouTube, and then use the YouTube URL to feed into CAS to immediately generate content.

We have tested this method on our existing clients. Instead of generating a single post from an-hour long webinar or podcast, they love the flexibility and focus to choose what they can create using both PI and CAS, and then generate dozens of quality blog posts!

Here’s exactly how to do it.

How to use PodIntelligence with Content at Scale (Step by step)

1. Download the clip from PodIntelligence

Open up the PI’s clip browser, and download the clip with just one click!

How to use PodIntelligence with Content At Scale - Download from PodIntelligence Clip Browser

2. Upload the clip to Youtube

Upload the clip to YouTube and mark it unlisted if you don’t want to share the clip directly on your YouTube channel. This step helps save you time in choosing video titles, thumbnails, etc.

Upload PodIntelligence clip to YouTube

3. Create new content in Content At Scale

Open Content at Scale and create new content using the From a YouTube video.

Content At Scale from YouTube URL Option

4. Edit and Review

Content At Scale then creates an entire blog article (500 – 2000 words) ready for you to edit and review! Have a look at the results, and tweak and tailor it to your outlet.

Screenshot by Dropbox Capture 4

5. Embed the video clip in the blog article (BONUS)

And… bingo! You have a great blog based on the clip from PodIntelligence!



A blog post with quality text content AND video will further boost your SEO. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your blog posts rank for the appropriate keywords.

Our client further told us about the benefits of using PodInteligence which enables them to find additional video clips by keywords or free-text search. From an SEO perspective, they are able to create a cluster of content around the same or similar keywords, and then be able to build pillar content around these cluster contents to begin ranking for those keywords.

PodIntelligence and Content at Scale together can create not only a volume of content but also quality and keyword-driven content from the creator’s original content source.

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Special thanks

We are so excited to see this opportunity and special thanks to Sean McDonald from BoardPro to show us exactly how it’s done!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or reach out here.

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