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PodIntelligence vs. Transcription Solutions: What’s the difference?

“Is PodIntelligence (PI) the same as a transcription service or software for my videos and audios?”

We get this question often enough that we think it’s important to point out the differences.

While PodIntelligence (PI) does leverage transcription information to provide further insights for our users, PI provides much more than transcription.

Whether you choose to process one hour or fifty hours of content, PI will give you the following insights (per episode):

  • Detailed intelligence spreadsheet (summary, transcription, keywords, topics, people, locations, brands)
  • Word cloud image
  • Micro-content in the format of audio and video clips per episode,
    organized by keywords (each clip is 1-min in length)
  • Multi-episode summary spreadsheet (when submitting 5 source content or more)

The micro-content is ready-to-use for social media platforms of your choice as standalone videos, audio, or you can use Descript and similar software to create audiograms, quote cards, and other varieties of content.

The spirit of PodIntelligence is to give creators the ability to look closer at their own content. Instead of outside-in, PodIntelligence gives creators the opportunity to go inside-out: understanding the keywords, and what’s been discussed and then strategically testing out content related to certain keywords and topics.

For example, my podcast called “Feisworld” has been running since 2014. With over 300 hours of content, it can get overwhelming trying to understand and recall what’s been discussed, and it gets even harder trying to understand the pattern and build out content strategy.

For the first time and because of PodIntelligence, I can test out Feisworld Podcast using micro-content published on social to test out specific topics, person/guest, and formats of the content as well. Recently I tried Instagram reels and they were very revealing in terms of what do or don’t resonate with my audience.

With PodIntelligence, I know what’s inside my content, the number of occurrences/volume of what’s been discussed so I can plan for a content calendar around it, as opposed to sharing random clips, hoping they’d fit into a theme.

Does PodIntelligence guarantee success for you?

No. We aren’t here to sell a dream without knowing you, your content, and what success looks like to you. However, we can say that all our clients have seen an uptick in their content engagement without having to keep recording new interviews and producing new videos.

So much of our content does not see the light of day and is completely underutilized. PodIntelligence wakes up your content without having you produce brand-new content. There are already so many nuggets inside what you have, you and your audience just don’t know them, yet.

Questions? Talk to us, we are here to help!

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