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How “free text search” works inside PodIntelligence

Free text search is one of the most important features to consider when comparing PodIntelligence to other AI clip maker software. Free text search is a powerful, flexible feature available to all PodIntelligence users. Here is a description of how free text search works inside PodIntelligence web 2.0.

To get started, log in to PodIntelligence web and note the “Enter text to search” field.

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Searching for a word

For example, user enters: market

In this case, PodIntelligence finds every clip whose transcript contains “market”, including substrings.  So it would find clips that contain “market” but also “marketer”, “marketing” etc.

Search for A or B

If the user enters more than one word, PodIntelligence finds clips that contain either of those words, or both.

For example, the user enters: digital marketing

PodIntelligence finds all clips that contain “digital” or “marketing” or both.

This works for any number of words, so you could search for digital marketing software

PodIntelligence will find clips that mention any or all of these 3 words, as substrings, as noted above.

Search for a phrase

To search for a phrase, enter the phrase in double quotes.

The user enters “digital marketing” to find clips that mention “digital marketing”.

You can combine any of the techniques noted here, so you could enter: “digital marketing” person to find clips that mention “digital marketing” or “person” or both.

Exclude a word or phrase

To exclude a word or phrase, enter the word or phrase preceded by a hyphen.

For example, the user enters -digital to find clips that do not contain “digital” as a substring.

You can use this technique more than once in the same search, or combine it with others.

For example, -digital -marketing finds clips that don’t contain “digital” and don’t contain “marketing”.

-digital -marketing “social media” finds clips that don’t contain “digital” or “marketing” but do contain
“social media” and so on.

How to use the free text search with filters

After the free text search completes, the filter items update.

So if the user searches for “social media”, then clicks the Keywords filter, they will see the keywords for the cards that contain “social media”.

They can then narrow the search by keyword by choosing items in the filter.

Same for other filters, eg Speaker, etc.

To make this easier to navigate, we recommend users use free-text search first.  Then click the Keywords button to sort the found clips by keyword.  Then click the Keywords filter item to see the corresponding keywords.

Hope you find this helpful! As always, we look forward to hearing your questions and learning with you.

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