Don’t Archive, Revive: Turn Past Webinars into Profitable Lead Magnets (2023)

You put in the time and effort to create a high-quality, engaging webinar. You’ve presented it live, but now what? The hard truth is that most webinar content loses its utility shortly after the live session concludes. What if you could turn that webinar content into a continuous source of new leads?

In this guide, we will explore the process of converting your existing webinars into effective lead magnets. And for those who like to keep things efficient, we’ll introduce you to PodIntelligence, an AI-based, human-verified automation tool that transforms your long-form video or audio content into a browsable website of bite-sized, engaging clips you can choose and repurpose.

The Importance of Repurposing Webinar Content

Webinars represent a significant investment in terms of both time and resources. Yet their content often gets archived, seldom seeing the light of day after the live event. Repurposing this content can unlock its latent value. Repurposed content can generate multiple times more engagement than original content, because you choose the most intriguing, useful clips to feature. Kind of a like a highlights reel for your webinars. AI software creates and curates the clips for you, leaving your mind free to focus on which highlights you’d like to feature.

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What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is essentially a piece of content so valuable that people are willing to exchange their contact information to access it. Examples include eBooks, templates, and exclusive videos. Lead magnets are a proven tactic in inbound marketing, often boosting conversion rates by 30% or more.

The Process of Converting Webinars into Lead Magnets

Transforming a webinar into a lead magnet isn’t difficult, but it does require a strategic approach. The first step is identifying the segments within your webinar that offer high value. These could be moments where you share industry insights, tips, or actionable advice.

Benefits of Using AI and Automation

One of the significant roadblocks in repurposing content is the time and effort it requires. Manually sifting through hours of webinars to find valuable snippets is cumbersome, inefficient and also annoying.

Once you upload your webinar, PodIntelligence does all the heavy lifting. It segments the webinar into meaningful clips, each identified by keyword and theme, accompanied by a transcript. The best part? You don’t have to do anything other than upload your content. No tagging or preparation on your part.

Crafting Your Lead Magnets

Now that you have these valuable clips and transcripts at your disposal, it’s time to craft your lead magnets. Whether you decide to create an eBook, a series of short videos, or infographics, make sure they are:

Valuable: They should solve a problem or answer a question.

Specific: They should be focused on a particular subject or challenge.

Easy to Consume: They should be formatted for quick reading or viewing.

Distribution Channels for Your Lead Magnets

Creating a lead magnet is half the battle. The other half is getting it in front of your target audience. Here are some effective channels for distributing your lead magnets:

Social Media: Use snippets from the lead magnets to entice your audience.

Email Campaigns: Send it to targeted segments of your email list.

Landing Pages: Create specific pages focused on the lead magnet to capture leads.

Remember to A/B test different channels to find what works best for your audience.

Measuring the ROI of Your Lead Magnets

The ultimate measure of your lead magnet’s success is its return on investment (ROI). Key performance indicators include:

Lead Conversion Rate: The percentage of visitors who become leads.

Customer Conversion Rate: The percentage of leads who become customers.

Lifetime Value of a Customer: The total revenue a customer generates.

By keeping an eye on these metrics, you can understand the effectiveness of your lead magnets and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.


Repurposing your webinar content into lead magnets is an effective way to extend its utility and engage new audiences. Your webinar content doesn’t have to be a one-hit-wonder; with the right strategy, it can transform into a gift that keeps on giving.

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