Do your podcast episodes smell like cupcakes or cleaning fluid?

Every day, we encounter an endless stream of sights, sounds and smells.

As soon as I walk into a bakery I inhale deeply and feel pulled closer to the glass case. “This is for me.”

Sometimes I walk into a supermarket and smell cleaning fluid, or squint against the glare of fluorescent lights and think “Let’s get this done and get out.”

At many levels, conscious and unconscious, we’re all pulled towards things we feel are for us personally, that will in some way make us feel better, or solve some problem we may have.

As content creators, when we create digital content (podcast episodes, YouTube videos, courses) we imagine our viewers or listener and try to create experiences that will feel more like our local bakery and less like a chain supermarket to them.

No More Bland, Boring Packaging

When it’s time to ship our creations out into the world, we post them on platforms which force us to package our content in standard containers. Episode titles. Small thumbnails.

So we create web pages and blog posts to showcase our content. We know we need to do this, but it takes a clear mind and a level of focus that we may not have after juggling so many tasks to support our work.

There are many different ways to catch a shopper’s eye, but I’ve found word clouds to be one of the easiest and most effective.


Word Clouds Invite Visitors to Stay

When I designed the PodIntelligence software, one of the first things I made sure it did was deliver ready-to-use word clouds for your audio and video content.

I learned a lesson from decades of designing software: “The user should get the maximum benefit from minimal effort.”

You send us one more episode of audio or video (.mp3, .mp4) content, and we send you back:

  • Ready-to-use word clouds you can post these directly on social media, or use them to browse your content and identify themes for future blog posts, courses, etc.
  • AI-generated, human-verified keyword analysis, see major keywords, topics, people, etc. mentioned in your episodes. Each keyword occurrence comes with ready-made audio, and if available, video clips that contain the keywords or the ideas behind the keywords.

Please contact us with any questions.

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