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PodIntelligence: A Content Multiplier For Your Business

PodIntelligence is AI-powered software that can process any number of video and audio files into meaningful, bite-sized clips, categorized by keyword and speaker. PodIntelligence helps you and your customers quickly navigate to the content that matters the most.

Create once, and share everywhere.

In economics, a “multiplier” broadly refers to an economic factor that, when increased or changed, causes increases or changes in many other related economic variables. PodIntelligence, a content multiplier, turns your existing content into dozens or hundreds of highly valuable and engaging micro-content that can be repurposed for multiple social media platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

PodIntelligence allows you to create once, and share many pieces of relevant bite-size content on multiple platforms to engage with your audience.

PodIntelligence helps you find what you are looking for inside the content you already have

Don’t just keep creating new content. It’s time-consuming and expensive. Instead, we owe it to ourselves as creators and businesses to do more with the content we already have.

PodIntelligence has a user-friendly interface. Once you purchase an order, our team will help process your videos and audio, provide you with a unique login, and a tutorial video recorded just for you.

If you have questions, you have a direct line to get in touch with us, and we’ll respond within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Let’s take a look at the interface’s main filters together:

  • Client dropdown: navigate your content labeled by different clients, podcasts, etc.
  • Episode: navigate one or more episodes processed through PodIntelligence
  • Keyword: a dropdown with all the AI-identified keywords from your content
  • Speakers: filters one or more speakers from your content
  • Media: choose to view audio, video or both
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PodIntelligence use cases for accomplished podcasters, webinar hosts, content-based business owners

For Podcasters

PodIntelligence helps podcasters pull out around 30 pieces of micro-content from each hour of content, based on keywords, each less than 1-min so that you can easily repurpose them on social platforms such as YouTube #shorts, LinkedIn videos, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

What about 50, 100, or more hours of podcast content? Yes, absolutely.

Podcasters with 50 episodes can expect to see keywords and themes across multiple episodes. This is extremely valuable for creators who want to recall and compile insights from an extended period of their creative journey, then easily create series, playlists, and compilations of audio and videos.

For Webinar Hosts

Since 2020, more businesses have brought their presence online. We have worked with a number of webinar hosts who are eager to repurpose their live and pre-recorded content to capture more leads/prospects for their businesses.

Whether you are a speaker, coach, or running a product-based company, we can process your webinars and distill key information from your content to repurpose on social media, email newsletters, groups, and communities.

For Filmmakers

The most unexpected use case is for filmmakers, where PodIntelligence can be used to process long-form footage commonly seen in documentary films. Without PodIntelligence, filmmakers have to spend days and weeks carefully examining footage shot over months and even years in some cases to capture what’s needed for the final film.

The use cases continue to increase as we work with new customers to build their PodIntelligence insights. Don’t forget to share your first episode of any audio or video with us to process for free.

Helping your team become more effective

Some of our clients have internal marketing and social media teams who have to constantly churn out content. Before using PodIntelligence, they had to spend hours just reviewing the assets they’ve captured. With PodIntelligence, our clients tell us their teams are more effective in identifying bite-sized content for a variety of uses. Particularly on social media, some of our clients are able to switch from text-only and image-only posts to video posts, and immediately see an uptick in impressions, engagements, and in some cases, conversions too.


PodIntelligence can help you and your business repurpose existing content easily and strategically using keywords and micro-content without having to come up with a big budget. Repurposing content is a smart strategy because it allows you to reach a wider audience and make the most out of the content you’ve already created.

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