Boost Social Media with PodIntelligence

Are PodIntelligence (PI) generated video clips right for your social media strategy?

If your intention is to publish regularly and create intentionally based on different topics of your content (about 1 min each), then yes – PodIntelligence can work for you.

Let us break down some options for how the work is done from PI to a published post on your social media channels.

Scenario 1: You could just purchase PodIntelligence for your videos, grab the video clips and use them as-is on social media. The questions are:

  • Which social platforms are you using?
  • Are you familiar with built-in editing tools there? (i.e. Instagram, YouTube shorts, and others) This way you can further edit the clips (if needed) without leaving the social platforms.
  • Do you have a virtual assistant (VA) who can do this for you to save time? PodIntelligence is loved by the VAs we work with, it helps take weeks of content guessing and reviewing out of the way, and they can get straight to work.
  • Something to keep in mind – social media “copy” is needed in most cases alongside hashtags. Will you or a VA write them when publishing the videos?

Scenario 2: You don’t have a VA or team to assist you, and you are NOT familiar with social media platforms or simply don’t have the time for the above. In this case, we can provide you with the Done For You (DFY) design and social copy services.

You’ll notice by default that we offer 30 pieces of content per plan – the content includes a variety of quote cards, audiograms and video clips, plus social media copy pre-written for you. But you can also opt-in for all video clips if preferred.

This is best if you’ve processed enough content through PodIntelligence. We recommend not fewer than 3-5 hours of content before purchasing the DFY service to make sure your output has enough variety and high-quality content to choose from, and it really does depend on the speaker and the content itself.

Hope this helps, let us know if you have questions!

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