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4 Things I Learned about How to Create Photorealistic Images in GPT4 / DALL-E

Many customers of Chat GPT4 Plus (USD $20/month) now have access to a new item in the drop down where you can choose options for GPT4, such as: Browse with Bing, Advanced Data Analytics, etc. The new item is: DALL-E 3.

This new item allows you to chat directly with the DALL-E image generator to create stunning images and revise them via additional prompts.

TLDR: The images are amazing. Controlling how Chat GPT creates and revises them is frustrating. If you’re willing to accept some leeway between what you asked for and what you get, you’ll probably be able to create custom, beautiful, usable images. How to manage this back-and-forth will be the subject of future blog posts.

Today we’ll focus on how to craft your first prompt to create photo-realistic images.

4 Rules to Create the Best Photo-Realistic Images

  1. Start your prompt with the words “Photo of” and include “at the highest resolution”.
  2. Identify and describe the light source.
  3. Include lots of details. Vague descriptions may produce low-res images.
  4. Include descriptions of the emotions evoked by the scene.

Here’s the prompt for the image above

Photo of a scene with stark contrasts at the highest resolution. Centered is a large clear glass sphere, holding a bubble eye goldfish, identifiable by the fluid-filled sacs under its eyes. Suspended high above the ocean, this peaceful setting is contrasted by the sharks jumping out of the water beneath. The scene is brightly lit by the overhead noon sun, drawing attention to the goldfish’s unique look and the sharks’ vigorous leaps.

If you’re a Chat GPT Plus subscriber and you’ve got access to the DALL-E3 option, why not try the prompt above or create your own?

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