Increase Webinar Registrations, Watchtime and Revenue

PodIntelligence extracts clips and Q&As with zero editing, sorted by keywords and topics, plus free-text search for you to find micro-content and repurpose them easily!

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Do you have a backlog of evergreen webinars and videos? It’s time to repurpose them and get new leads!

We help bulk-process hours of content into clips, with no effort on your part, and show you an easy roadmap to repurpose them on your website, social, and email.

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why we created podintelligence

We couldn’t find AI-repurposing tools designed for regular landscape webinars and screen share videos

Webinars with Multiple People & Screen Share

Quality webinars can attract new prospects and increase sales. They are best shared and repurposed as landscape videos, not vertical videos.

Tutorials with Screen Share

Educators and tutorial creators often use screen share to lead with their content. Repurposed videos are best kept in their original orientation as landscape videos.

PodIntelligence is different and Powerful

Unlike most generative AI video tools, PodIntelligence goes beyond repurposing individual long videos into clips. Instead, we help businesses, educators, and tutorial creators like you find precisely what you are looking for by:

✅ Bulk-processing your entire content libraries
Cross-referencing relevant keywords and topics
Enabling free text search.


Find Everything, Share Everywhere.

By keywords, speakers, episodes, media type, text search, and much more.

PodIntelligence Features
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Enhanced Endings

Our AI model works with different accents and speech patterns giving you high-quality clip endings, without cutting off speakers!

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Correct Names

AI often can’t spell the speaker names (or proper nouns) correctly. We add human verification to make sure we get them right.

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Flexible Controls

We give you a ton of quality content with full control and customization you need to work with your content and your brand.

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Give Power Back to Businesses, Knowledge Creators, and Content Strategists

AI can’t and shouldn’t make all the decisions for you. We built PodIntelligence to be an extension of you and your businesses.

Discover content based on business value, not virality

Our clients are after a business audience, not TikTok. We don’t chase trends, but we leverage content to increase acquisition, conversion, and retention.

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Industries We Work With

  • Software companies
  • Livestream creators and services
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Training and Hiring
  • Education
  • Not-For-Profit

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The human-curated, AI-powered software that helps you create micro-content to drive macro impact